Camelot Landfill

by Blake Panter



In the year 2040, the highest point in Denton County will be a mountain of trash called Camelot Landfill.


released January 29, 2016



all rights reserved


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Blake Panter Dallas, Texas

Producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, engineer, writer, editor. My hair's name is Walter.

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Track Name: Camelot
I’d be your devil
If I got your crown
But you know sometimes love makes
Us bitter toward now
Falling down

My witness, my strength
My terrible sense of the moment
Been jumping great lengths
If only to hold what I’ve stolen

Falling Down

Where do you think you go when you die?

When I saw you standing there
The hallway light lit up your hair
Chiseled in memory
A twisted bow of you and me

Oh, batter me three personed God
Untie the knot that I have done

Free me, from these things
And teach me, of your name

You can’t look in both my eyes at the same time

And in the end all the things that we bought
Are stacking higher and higher
One of these days I’m gonna meet you at the top
Of the fucking landfill in “Camelot”
Track Name: Leaves
My body leaves, and leaves, and leaves
I’ll leave with leaves across my face
I’ll leaf through books to find a page
That says what I want it to say

Imaginary tales await
To take me apart from reality
This is not a place you want to wait
This is not a place you want to wait

Subscribe and get your first month free
We’ll numb the world and take the cake
This is not a deal you want to wait

Spirit is buffering…
Brain is wandering…
The kids are wondering…

Relive and retrace
Everything in your past that you hate
If you want to be serious
Pick up the cheeriness
And pretend it’s never too late

Harm, N.E.
Track Name: If The Numbers Are Right
When I saw your eyes for the first time
I could not believe that you’re real
Believe in yourself and you’ll suffer
The pain, in my heart, I feel

So help me, help it go away

I see, what my heart sees
I never stray away
The debt, if you leave
I’ll never be able to repay

I may not have a car
I may not have a hand
But I’ll escape from my captors
And then I’ll save the day


I see, what my heart sees
I never stray away
The debt, if you leave
I’ll never be able to repay
Track Name: Knife, Fork, Spoon

I’m well positioned to capitalize
On opportunities that build on my track record
Of real-estate value creation

Seeking investments in various asset classes
With a strategy for higher liquidity upon exit